Does your dealership offer a paint protection service but you're looking for an alternative solution?

22PLE ZX Mistico Elemento Glass Coating Paint Protection

Introducing the next generation of paint protection for your vehicle. We are proud to offer the 22PLE Glass Coating Paint Protection in Canada. 22PLE is a semi-permanent, high-silica coating that coats over a vehicles paint to produce the unrivaled shine, protection and durability. 

Rated on the 6H of the Mohs Hardness Scale, 22PLE provides a scratch resistance for the paint. 22PLE is able to provide protection ranging from 2 years to northwards of 5 years.

Inception Automotive Detailing is the first and ONLY company in Canada to be a certified authorized installer for the 22PLE Glass Coating Paint Protection. 

The 22PLE Series


Paint Coating Overview

Some of the vehicles coated with 22ple

Client Reactions of 22PLE Glass Coated Vehicles

Pricing: By estimate only for existing vehicles

Do you have a brand new vehicle not delivered by the dealership at this time?