Your local dealership may have damaged your car before you even picked it up.

I don’t normally have the time to post detailing write ups of the vehicles I have worked on but this a serious issue in which I personally would like to address. 

A lot of times, I get inquiries from potential clients who eventually became lifetime clients saying that dealerships and inexperienced detailers are damaging the paint of customers’ cars through improper care and procedures. Here are two email examples that I received:

Email #1

Email #2

I’ve restored many vehicles but this one vehicle is worth talking. I recently worked on a Mercedes Benz B250 (one of the cars in the email) and the vehicle was only three months old. I have to say that it was the worst condition I’ve ever seen out of all the vehicles I’ve worked on and the most difficult to fix. I could not imagine how individuals can damage a car in a short amount of time.

Here are some pictures of the vehicle when it was brought in to me:

After the wash was complete, behold the condition I witnessed...swirls and scratches everywhere:

Main camera battery unfortunately died so I switched to another camera...

In order to achieve at least a 90% paint correction rate, I had to do at least a three stage paint correction on the whole car. Some areas even needed four stages to correct the paint!

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I had little opportunity to document the process as the client needed the vehicle completed by a certain time and date.

Various pads with different foam densities, special compounds and polishes were used to remove the imperfections onto the paint.

When the paint correction process was completed, the client requested the 22PLE Glass Coating Paint Protection Application to ensure that nothing but the best product will be used to help protect the paint.

The pictures below are the result of the paint correction:

Side by side comparison:

Before - Rear Door Passenger Side

Before - Rear Door Driver Side

Before - Rear Quarter Panel Driver Side

After - Rear Door Passenger Side

After - Rear Door Driver Side

After - Rear Quarter Panel Passenger Side

After the 22PLE application:

All done! It was unfortunate that it drizzled when the car came out...

Mercedes Benz B250 Detailed

Our client's reaction when he saw the car for the first time!

While I didn’t write much regarding the detailing process but the main issue I would like to discuss here is how the vehicles are to be treated during regular maintenance especially washing the vehicle.

If you see the scratches in the pictures above, I can tell that improper washing techniques were done on the vehicle. Also, improper equipment was used to wash the vehicle. Here’s one picture I found in which how a dealership in the Greater Toronto Area washes the vehicle in their social media page. License plate and person blurred out for privacy.

Furthermore, I do advise to avoid those “soft cloth”, “touch” car washes and the brushes you see at self-serve coin-op washes. From the many vehicles I have worked on, those are the factors that primarily causes the damage. The secondary factor would be inexperienced detailers not doing the proper techniques and procedures when maintaining the vehicle. 

Moral of the story is that in order to avoid these problems, kindly do the right procedures when maintaining the vehicle, and if you were to have another person work on your vehicle, make sure that person is credible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable; and actually knows the techniques and methods.  When selecting the right person for the job, interview that person with questions such as “what steps do you do to wash the vehicle?”


Also, I would advise you to tell the dealership you bought your vehicle from to not perform the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and new vehicle preparation. Sometimes, it does more harm than good.