Restored. Reimagined. Reborn. 

Detailing review of the Singer Porsche 911 964.

I have been detailing vehicles just shy of 10 years and have worked on many vehicles ranging from winter beaters, daily drivers, weekend cars, classic cars and high-end exotic vehicles. I appreciate the efforts made by the manufactures as I have seen about 65 years of progress in the mechanics, technology and design for cars.

I have written a number of detailing write-ups before but this article is probably the one I enjoy the most writing. 

Back in June 2015, I have been contacted by a prospective client at the time who have researched the history of my company, myself and was really impressed in what the person has seen so far and thought to reach out to me. 

After speaking with the owner of the vehicle, I agreed to perform a new vehicle preparation as the owner recently took delivery and only had 160km on the odometer. 

The vehicle that I was tasked to perform the new vehicle preparation package was a 1991 Porsche 911 964 Reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design; dubbed as "The Toronto Car". This is the first Porsche Singer in Canada.

Now, you might be wondering why this vehicle is so special. 

Singer Vehicle Designs specializes in taking a Porsche 964 chassis and completely redesign the vehicle cosmetically and mechanically. It takes approximately 4,000 combined man hours to hand build everything for a cool USD $500,000.

Everything is important in the vehicle. This is the only car where I have seen how much detail there is done with their work in re-engineering the vehicle. 

Moving forward, I arrived at the client's site and behold there's the car. This being the owner's most cherished vehicle in his growing collection, so much was expected from this detail to do it justice, and I'm confident of performing my own brand of detailing magic to get this right. 

Time was rather a constraint because I cared more on getting the work done rather than spending too much time taking pictures and so there are not many pictures available.

I started off with the routine of cleaning the wheels followed by washing and decontaminating the vehicle as seen on "The Process" tab.

Prior to polishing the vehicle, various sections throughout the car had to be taped to prevent the polish going on the specific surfaces.

Once the taping is complete, it was time to inspect the vehicle's paint condition. Working space was rather tight and it was difficult to take pictures of the whole vehicle. 

After I assessed what was required to be done, it was time to start polishing the vehicle. As always, I take workplace safety extremely serious while I am detailing any vehicle. Personal Protective Equipment is worn at all times when working on any vehicle.

After a section of the vehicle is complete, I thoroughly wipe off the polish and inspect the area to ensure there are no imperfections on the paint surface.

Various shots of myself working on the vehicle...

Specifically to this car, I had to perform a two-stage polish. Once the polishing process is complete, the vehicle was ready for paint protection. Prior for the application of the paint coating, I sprayed the whole vehicle with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any polishing oils that was left. 

Specific to the paint coating, I exclusively use 22PLE after trying out other brands. From my experience, the products offered by 22PLE has the best durability, gloss and ease of use.  As of August 2015, I am the only Canadian installer who is certified to install 22PLE coating on vehicles. 

For this vehicle, I applied the top-of-the-line ZX Mistico Elemento in which it is a pure, 99% silica coating in which you do not have to wax or polish your car for the next 5 years.

Paint Coating Overview and Benefits Explained

Once the coating is applied, the car cannot be driven for at least 12 hours to allow the silica to cure. The full curing time of the coating is 5 days. However, the vehicle can be washed and driven after 12 hours.

Here are the results of the whole detailing. Words and pictures can't describe how amazing the vehicle looks. The vehicle is absolutely STUNNING in person.

If you are reading this, you have made it in the end for the first chapter. In August 2015, I have revisited the vehicle for routine maintenance. I will have another write-up sometime. At the end of the day, no matter how tired I was working on the vehicle, it was all worth seeing the smile of my client when the person saw the car complete. I even had the opportunity to take a picture of myself with the car!