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Featured by The Chronicle - Durham College

Featured by The Chronicle - Durham College

Written By Jesmarnin Lafuente



Lorenzo Escobal, UOIT Business student and author of the upcoming book The Student Entrepreneur: 5 Easy Steps for Students on How to Start a Business, had a lot of free time during his first year in university. Other than being in the army, he applied to many places, ranging from Wal-Mart to West Jet to get a job, but had no luck. Since no one was hiring, Escobal decided he wanted to create his own job – an auto-detailing service. 

Before university, Escobal was already auto-detailing cars in his neighborhood. Working six hours a day, he would make well over $100 for his services. Even though his mom suggested he turn it that into a legitimate business, he didn’t believe it would work at the time. After he acquired his business licenses though, he started up the service with his own money. He says he was lucky because after he started a Google AdWords campaign with no prior knowledge, he got a call from Miller Transit Ltd., a maintenance service in the GTA. He worked on cars belonging to supervisors and the general manager and within two weeks he had already paid off his business’s start-up costs. Every dollar he earned from that point on was personal profit, and after seeing this potential he started marketing himself online. 

“Entrepreneurship is rewarding and you can learn a lot,” says Escobal. “You can also use your skills to stand out from other applicants when applying to jobs.”