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A vehicle never washed for 6 months. See the transformation just after a hand wash with ease.

A vehicle never washed for 6 months. See the transformation just after a hand wash with ease.

22PLE Glass Coating Review: Durability and Longevity UPDATE

Time and time again I stumble on many products and services in the detailing industry from the car wash soaps, polishes and compounds, and carnauba wax. I have received many solicitations through the phone and email in which I wasn’t convinced by the person to try out their product. That changed until I stumbled upon the company “22PLE”. While I have been familiar with paint coating in general and there has been other brands that are already available in Canada, I was not convinced in joining the “bandwagon”.

I wanted to be different; and 22PLE is the answer.

Many months ago, I wrote an article which I educate readers a way to never polish and wax their cars again for the next few years. The article has been very popular. If you have not read the article, I suggest that you read it:

After that article was published, I have received many inquiries of the product and asked the question “How long does it last?” and “How much protection does it provide to the vehicle?” At the time, 22PLE was not available to the public or been tested in Canadian conditions. I have had some clients who did receive the 22PLE treatment after they heard nothing but great things from other countries where it is readily available.

I decided to document its durability and longevity this 2014-2015 winter season on my work vehicle – the Kia Rio 5 as featured on the previous article above.


This work vehicle received the 22PLE treatment on July 2014. The work vehicle was used to haul supplies and equipment, and travel clients’ locations to detail their cars on the spot. The vehicle is always parked outdoors on a driveway, exposed to every element – including salt and brine during the winter. For the purpose of the durability and longevity testing of the coating, the vehicle was last washed and maintained before October 2014 prior to receiving a rustproofing treatment. The vehicle was NEVER WASHED since then. It also received a bird dropping on the hood of the vehicle but was never removed to test its acidity resistance.




POST-WASH - 15 to 20 minutes later


I washed this vehicle outdoors with cold water an ambient temperature of two degrees Celsius. These are not the ideal conditions you should wash a vehicle outdoors because the chemicals used to clean the vehicle generally loses its effectiveness. However, the purpose of this test in these conditions was to demonstrate the EASE OF MAINTENANCE of a vehicle coated with 22PLE.

To wash this vehicle, I used a microfiber wash mitt and citrus soap that is known to remove waxes and sealants at a strong concentration. Normally, the ratio used to clean a vehicle without removing a wax or sealant should be 2oz of soap per 4 gallons of water.

I used a strong concentrate of 4oz of car wash soap per gallon of water for the sake of the testing.

With the cold climate conditions and less chemical effectiveness, the vehicle was extremely easy to wash and most dirt was washed off in one scrub. However certain sections especially the bottom skirts required a stronger agitation to remove grease that was accumulated in those 6 months. Overall, the vehicle took 15 to 20 minutes to wash and dry.

The picture and video below demonstrate that the glass coating is still on the vehicle, beaded and repelled the water just as good when it was applied 7 months ago from the time of this article.




Click the picture above to enlarge


I personally interviewed select certified 22PLE professional detailers and partners around the world and asked them the following questions:

  1. "What can you say about your experience with the 22PLE Product?"
  2. "What made you decide to choose this product?"
  3. "Do you have any stories you can share regarding 22PLE?"

Detailer #1 - Mike Cardenas, SweetCars from Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Porsche 911 Turbo - 22PLE ZX Mistico Elemento Glass Coated by Mike Cardenas of

I had a client bring me his Porsche 911/996 Turbo in for paint correction and 22PLE. The vehicle was truly his everyday driver, as his Blizzak tires had given testament to this. I had corrected the vehicle a few years earlier, but it hadn’t been coated with anything other than a wax. This time around, things would be a bit different, as he had decided to finally get 22PLE as his final preparation for the winter season ahead. So in the late fall of 2013, I corrected and coated the vehicle with an early version of 22PLE ZX that we were testing. That version would eventually go through a bit more tweaking and would eventually become ZX Mistico Elemento. Incidentally the name I had suggested for the product after beta testing the final version on a Lamborghini Murcielago. I knew that this client would continue to use an automated car wash and thus the reason it was so swirled before being brought in. Although most of us detailers do not prescribe going through an automated car wash, 22PLE’s ZX was sure to give this Porsche a fighting chance if he was going to continue to do so.
This past winter, that vehicle was traded in at a local car dealership.  A few weeks prior to being traded in; I washed it and took a 50/50 picture of it. The vehicle still looked as if it had been just corrected and had 22PLE applied that day! The picture was not altered in anyway whatsoever. And when the dealership took the vehicle in on trade, they made no reservations about mentioning that it had been coated with 22PLE. I’m certain that its new owner is enjoying how easy it is for him to maintain a great looking 911. Of course, the old owner of the 911/996 has since then brought in his new vehicle to be coated in 22PLE ZX Mistico Elemento.
There’s no doubt that the picture of the Porsche reveals some pretty impressive results from having 22PLE applied. In my opinion as a professional detailer and long-term installer of 22PLE, I believe that those types of results are due mostly in part to the quality in which the product was made. By using the best materials available, 22PLE has made a durable coating that is an honest to goodness fabulous product. It always delivers a gloss that is truly impressive and gives that “wet-look” people wish for on a paint finish. My clients would agree with me, 22PLE is one of the best coatings in the market, hands down.

Mike Cardenas is the Master Detailer and Detail Manager for SweetCars in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a Nationally recognized detailer, Mike is recognized as one of the top 20 Detailers in North America by Dupont Registry Magazine. Mike is a writer for SweetCars as well as contributing writer for other online blogs and publications.

As a Griot's Garage certified trainer, Mike conducts workshops and clinics to train necessary detailing skills to both the public and professional detailers alike. He is also Meguiar's and SONAX trained on all aspects of detailing. Mike serves as a technical car care consultant for various car clubs and chapters. These clubs in include Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini among others.

He contributes his detailing experience with various detailing product companies, for new product testing and development of new products. While also writing product reviews for products that are currently on the market. Mike is committed to contribute to the constantly evolving world of detailing, provide insight both nationally and internationally on the subject, and continue to contribute to the car care industry.

Specialties: Exotic and Collector Car Detailing, Paint Correction Specialist, Restorative Detailing. Specializing in Ferrari and Lamborghini Restoration Detailing

Detailer #2 - Andrew Dourgarian, Autoluxe Motor Spa from Chester, NJ, USA

Ferrari 458 Italia - 22PLE VX PRO Glass Coated by Andrew Dourgarian of Autoluxe Motorspa

I have been doing paint corrections and high end detailing for some of the worlds finest cars for many years now. In that time, I have seen many products that claim tremendous benefits including; added protection, ease of maintenance and additional gloss, come and go. I have tried them all and tested them thoroughly. And in 7 years time, I have never experienced a product like 22PLE. The durability that this coating has to offer is leaps and bounds above any other product I have tested. It has battled two very tough New Jersey winters without being washed, allowing the salt, ice and snow to do as much damage as possible, and the coating has lasted brilliantly. The durability factor is just the base of this tremendous product. On top of this, the shine, depth and gloss that 22PLE adds to your vehicles paintwork is hands down the best I have seen. It looks as if you can reach your hand into the paint and touch your own reflection. Pictures do not do this product justice. If you are looking for the hands down best protection, appearance enhancer and the product that will assist in making your weekend washes a breeze, look no further than 22PLE. There is a reason it is the only glass coating I offer at Autoluxe Motor Spa. Why would you want anything other than the best?

Andrew is a highly motivated individual that has a strong desire and aptitude for all things Automotive. He enjoys working with people and chasing the sale. The art of the deal has always been incredibly interesting to him and he is constantly trying to improve his tactics and methods and greatly look forward to any new lessons to be learned.

Highly knowledgeable in the automotive industry, with a great affinity for anything related to cars and trucks, both foreign and domestic. He holds a great interest in automotive sales and marketing and is highly motivated to learn more and break in to that industry.

Andrew is currently the President at Autoluxe Motor Spa, a high end luxury and exotic detailing salon. Through his work ethic and extreme attention to detail, Autoluxe Motor Spa has become a major entity in the New Jersey detailing world, producing award winning finishes on some of the worlds finest cars.

Specialties: Hard working, highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic. He enjoys learning new methods and furthering his interest and education in the business and automotive world.

The used brand new car?

The used brand new car?


One easy way to never polish and wax your car again for a few years

One easy way to never polish and wax your car again for a few years

22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating Review in Canada

Carnauba Wax has been the go-to product for many automotive detailers to protect a car’s paint from the harsh environments. As the time progressed and technology advances, Synthetic Wax (Paint Sealants) are developed to replace or compliment with carnauba wax. Made from synthetic ingredients (man-made), opposed to natural products, paint sealants can provide protection up to six months while traditional waxes has about two months.

Almost ten years ago, paint coatings have appeared into the market. While it is still a relatively new product, we can say that it is certainly a game-changer in the market. For this review, I will be reviewing the 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating Paint Protection. This is the first 22PLE Glass Coating in Canada. 

The 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating is a high-silica content product that comes in a liquid form. Once it is exposed with oxygen, it starts to crystalize and creates a layer of glass to protect the car’s paint surface. The glass coating has the ability to protect a vehicle’s paint between 18 months to 2 years. However, many have reported that the glass coating have held up to 3 years.

The 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating comes in a premium packaging in three different volumes. The glass coating can be purchased in 20ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles. The only other content that is included in the packaging is the dropper. Also, there are no manuals included. Glass coating application should be applied by a professional detailer.

In order to maximize the use of the glass coating, a paint correction is required to ensure that all swirls and scratches are removed from the clear coat of the paint. Also, it ensures that the paint is free of contaminants so that the glass coating has a smooth surface to adhere to. I will be using a Kia Rio to demonstrate the glass coating application.

A corrected paint surface. A paint correction removes any swirls and scratches on the paint and ensures proper bonding with the paint coating

When applying a single coat glass coating in the Kia Rio, I used approximately 25ml. A 50ml bottle is enough for two coats of glass coating on a subcompact to compact vehicle size. A foam pad is required to apply the glass coating. Once the foam pad is used to apply the glass coating, it has to be discarded since it will be unusable when the coating hardens.

Application of the product is very smooth as long you use little product when applying on a panel. A little goes a long way. Once the product has been applied on a section, you must wait three to five minutes depending on humidity and temperature before using a microfiber towel to remove it. Removing the product within the time frame specified was relatively easy.

22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating just applied. Wait for three to five minutes before using a microfiber towel to remove the product. 

Once the glass coating is applied to the whole vehicle, it cannot be driven in the next 12 hours for curing and it has to be stored in a garage away from the environment. After 12 hours has passed, the vehicle can be driven but cannot be washed until 5 days later since that’s how long it takes for the glass coating to completely crystalize.

22PLE VX1 Glass Coating applied. Full curing time is 5 days. 

22PLE VX1 Glass Coating applied. Full curing time is 5 days. 

After 5 days has passed, I have to say that this product has definitely raised the bar for vehicle shine and protection, after testing a few other products that are very similar such as ceramic paint coatings, I have to say that this product is the easiest to apply, maintain and has the best shine.

Two months have passed and here’s what the glass coating looks like in the Kia Rio.

I also applied the 22PLE Glass Coating on a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The shine is nothing but spectacular.