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The Hidden Perks Of Having Your Car Detailed

The Hidden Perks Of Having Your Car Detailed

Owning a car comes with its fair share of responsibilities. It’s not unlike having a house in the sense that you need to take utmost care of your car if you want it to remain in excellent condition. It needs to be tuned up regularly. It needs to be cleaned regularly. And it needs to be detailed regularly. Some of you might wonder what the difference is between cleaning a car and detailing a car. The truth is, they’re not different at all when you consider immediate results. But over time, when the trim, rubber, plastic, and the paint of your vehicles begin to reflect damages associated with age and mileage, auto detailing is the key to making your prized four-wheeled steeds look good as new.

The obvious benefit of auto detailing is that every corner of your car is cleaned. While that’s true, there’s more to it than just washing the body and vacuuming the interior. Much more. Auto detailing requires a lot of skill, handwork, and a specific understanding of what a specific car needs at a specific point in its life. That’s why there are pro Toronto auto detailers such as ourselves whose jobs are grounded on understanding the nuances on how to bring the sparkle back to a dirty exterior or how to make an interior look good as new. Auto detailing involves a meticulous process of cleaning and restoration with the objective of restoring a car to look as close to brand new as possible. 

For instance, look at this Porsche 930 from 1984 that we detailed a while back. These are the before photos:

It still looks good but if you’ll look more carefully, it just doesn’t have that same lustre as a fresh-out-of-a-showroom car has. Now look at the “after” photos: 

With paint correction and a long-lasting glass coating, auto detailing brings back that brand new look that exacting car owners crave. 

Simple car washes can clean a car, but not to the extent of what auto detailing is capable of for the simple reason that the latter tackles hard-to-reach areas. It’s no secret that when you have your car detailed, you’re immediately given a laundry list of items that needs to be done to your car. It can range from something as big as dent repairs or something like odor elimination. There’s no discrimination when it comes to auto detailing because every cosmetic item that needs to be worked on in your car will be worked on until they look shiny, shimmering, and splendid.

And those stains? Car washing doesn’t make them go away; they stay there as a reminder that no amount of washes can accomplish what a simple auto detailing does. Your car will only look and smell as close as they’ve ever been to being showroom-quality if you have it detailed.

And yes, if you do somehow find yourself compelled for whatever reason to sell your car, it’s incumbent upon you to have your car detailed to ensure that its resale value remains high. Second-hand car buyers are less likely to buy a car that smells like the inside of an unwashed sock than a car that smells like a meadow on a nice spring day. Just the same, nobody’s going to buy a car with as many dents and pimples as a teenage boy exploding into puberty. If you want your car to sell quickly on the second-hand market at a price of your liking, have it detailed. Seeing your car back in tip-top condition, the buyer will appreciate the fact that you took great care of your car when it was in your possession.