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One easy way to never polish and wax your car again for a few years

One easy way to never polish and wax your car again for a few years

22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating Review in Canada

Carnauba Wax has been the go-to product for many automotive detailers to protect a car’s paint from the harsh environments. As the time progressed and technology advances, Synthetic Wax (Paint Sealants) are developed to replace or compliment with carnauba wax. Made from synthetic ingredients (man-made), opposed to natural products, paint sealants can provide protection up to six months while traditional waxes has about two months.

Almost ten years ago, paint coatings have appeared into the market. While it is still a relatively new product, we can say that it is certainly a game-changer in the market. For this review, I will be reviewing the 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating Paint Protection. This is the first 22PLE Glass Coating in Canada. 

The 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating is a high-silica content product that comes in a liquid form. Once it is exposed with oxygen, it starts to crystalize and creates a layer of glass to protect the car’s paint surface. The glass coating has the ability to protect a vehicle’s paint between 18 months to 2 years. However, many have reported that the glass coating have held up to 3 years.

The 22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating comes in a premium packaging in three different volumes. The glass coating can be purchased in 20ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles. The only other content that is included in the packaging is the dropper. Also, there are no manuals included. Glass coating application should be applied by a professional detailer.

In order to maximize the use of the glass coating, a paint correction is required to ensure that all swirls and scratches are removed from the clear coat of the paint. Also, it ensures that the paint is free of contaminants so that the glass coating has a smooth surface to adhere to. I will be using a Kia Rio to demonstrate the glass coating application.

A corrected paint surface. A paint correction removes any swirls and scratches on the paint and ensures proper bonding with the paint coating

When applying a single coat glass coating in the Kia Rio, I used approximately 25ml. A 50ml bottle is enough for two coats of glass coating on a subcompact to compact vehicle size. A foam pad is required to apply the glass coating. Once the foam pad is used to apply the glass coating, it has to be discarded since it will be unusable when the coating hardens.

Application of the product is very smooth as long you use little product when applying on a panel. A little goes a long way. Once the product has been applied on a section, you must wait three to five minutes depending on humidity and temperature before using a microfiber towel to remove it. Removing the product within the time frame specified was relatively easy.

22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating just applied. Wait for three to five minutes before using a microfiber towel to remove the product. 

Once the glass coating is applied to the whole vehicle, it cannot be driven in the next 12 hours for curing and it has to be stored in a garage away from the environment. After 12 hours has passed, the vehicle can be driven but cannot be washed until 5 days later since that’s how long it takes for the glass coating to completely crystalize.

22PLE VX1 Glass Coating applied. Full curing time is 5 days. 

22PLE VX1 Glass Coating applied. Full curing time is 5 days. 

After 5 days has passed, I have to say that this product has definitely raised the bar for vehicle shine and protection, after testing a few other products that are very similar such as ceramic paint coatings, I have to say that this product is the easiest to apply, maintain and has the best shine.

Two months have passed and here’s what the glass coating looks like in the Kia Rio.

I also applied the 22PLE Glass Coating on a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The shine is nothing but spectacular.