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5 Videos That Prove A Little Snow Isn't All That Bad for Car Guys

They say snow and wheels don’t mix. It’s true. But they said that about Coke and Mentos, too — and we had a blast mixing those together.

A big snowstorm hit the U.S. east coast last week, which literally froze everything in its wake. Schools, work, the government, and yes, cars came to a standstill ( as some areas were buried in up to three feet of snow. It was nature at its coldest. And it didn’t care if you were the president of the U.S.A.

Look no further than our post on our Facebok page a week ago where we featured 24-year-old Justin Yelen and his Mitsubishi Lancer. He parked his car near Lake Erie overnight and unwittingly turned it into a veritable “car-sicle”: 

Watch: Buffalo blizzard leaves car completely covered in ice -...

24-year-old Justin Yelen left his 2010 Mitsubishi USA Lancer parked overnight near Lake Erie, NY...only to find that the car had been turned into a four-wheeled #popsicle a day after. (Note to self: Don't leave car parked near a freezing lake.) Check out footage of the frozen car from CBS News.

Posted by Inception Automotive Detailing on Monday, 18 January 2016

But despite the chilling conditions, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Sure, cars can dangerously slip on the road, but smart road users know that this is to be expected. What shouldn’t you expect? These things:

1) Snowboarding in the city.

The authorities advised everyone to stay in until the storm blows over. These guys didn’t get the memo. They busted out their snowboards, and hung on to a rope attached to a snow-ready 4x4, a Jeep Wrangler.

2) Go drifting on a truck.

The 8,000-pound Ford F-450 has the power to haul. It wasn’t built for drifting like an import tuner. But rally champ Tim O’Neil doesn’t care, and attempts to make this big gorilla impersonate a cheetah. 

3) Do snow-nuts on a Porsche.

The Cayenne Turbo S isn’t a gorilla but it sure is quite the beast, too. Allow it to demonstrate that as it does donuts on a snowy landscape. What a beauty.

4) Or why not supersize all this drifting and do it with an RV?

Absolutely the most fun you can have with an RV. Give it enough snow and space, and you can practically drift anything. (We haven’t seen one do it with a tank though.)

5) And just ot prove our statement that you can drift anything, we'll show the spectrum of vehicles that can do it.

On our page, we posted this horse who was, well, horsing around:

Amish buggy doing donuts

Supercars ain't got nothing on this one-horsepower vehicle doing donuts!

Posted by Inception Automotive Detailing on Sunday, 24 January 2016

From an ancient ride, here’s something far more modern: a plane doing donuts: 

Just a little reminder for anyone who might have been inspired by any of these fun snow activities: These are stunts that aren’t always 100% safe, so as the old saying goes, don’t try these at home because even pro drivers can get it wrong sometimes: