Services we offer in Markham


✔ Basic Interior and Exterior Detailing

The basic detailing packages we offer are given the same care we do on high-end detailing on luxury and exotic cars. We affirm that you receive the unrivaled services our competitors covet for.

✔ Paint Correction

Skilled and labour-intensive process utilizing specially selected compounds and polishes with professional-grade machines to remove oxidizations, scratches, holograms, swirl marks and other imperfections on the paint surface hindering its true shine.

✔ Intensive Interior Detailing

A minimum two-hour intensive and deep cleaning of the vehicle's interior. This package ensure a complete restoration for the vehicle's interior to showroom condition.

One of the most neglected car care aspects in maintaining your vehicle is the engine bay. 

At Inception Automotive Detailing, we have the tools and techniques to restore the engine bay to a showroom finish.