Oakville, Ontario, April 7, 2018


When getting into your new car for the first time and driving it, we all know what that "New Car Driving Experience " is like; the new car smell inside the vehicle and the almost blinding shine of the exterior, but with time it obviously disappears. What if there was a company that could recreate that for your vehicle, irrespective of age, every time in went in for detailing?

Born out of necessity but driven by passion, Inception Automotive Detailing's history and growth read like a modern day success story. It tells of the dedication to and purpose of hard work with attention to detail, to render an award winning service in a very competitive industry.

At the core of this business, which caters to all people that insist that their cars look  great at all times and for as long as possible, is an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

This business  grew from a mobile on-site only service to having a dedicated location where unrivalled workmanship draws more and more clients. As Inception Automotive Detailing grew in reputation, so did the awards and accolades coming their way.

It started with the 2014 Readers Choice Award for Top Performers from Mississauga Business Times where the readers nominate the businesses in the local area that are most trusted to deliver excellent service. Then in 2015, the founder Lorenzo Escobal received the Up and Coming Award from the University of Ontario's Institute of Technology. Each subsequent year has brought more accolades and presented more opportunities and collaborations with large corporate companies that recognise the level of service and workmanship that this business delivers.

Partnering and working with known names like Tesla (which provide pre-delivery detailing services and destination charging for all Tesla vehicles) to being ranked #1 on Google Canada for their area of speciality, proves that Inception Automotive Detailing are totally in a class of their own when it comes to automotive detailing and knowing what their clients need.

One of the achievements that Inception Automotive Detailing is most proud of is recently being internationally recognised in the media for their award winning service and dedication to their craft. 

On a visit to South Africa where the founder, Lorenzo Escobal was featured in magazines like Fast Company (amongst others), he explained how Inception Automotive Detailing was started and grew to what it is today, acknowledges that Inception Automotive Detailing is a force to be reckoned with in the automotive detailing business, both locally and internationally.

Also, appearing on radio shows like Cliff Central, Radio 702, 93.8 Mix FM and being interviewed on TV on the ANN7 (Africa News Network Show) where Lorenzo shared the entrepreneurial path and growth of Inception Automotive Detailing allowed him to encourage other young entrepreneurs to pursue their goals and not to let the opinions and dictates of others railroad their dreams.

Whether its a large corporate with a fleet of vehicles, a collector of vintage and classic cars or just a normal guy in the street, Inception Automotive Detailing has a service that will satisfy any requirements a car lover may have.