Tesla Motors® Approved Destination Charging STATION SERVICE CENTRE in the Greater Toronto Area - Oakville, Ontario

As definition by the Province of Ontario, our garage location will be designated as a Level 2 Charging Station only limited to Tesla Motors vehicles at this time.

As of January 2016, we are proud to announce that we are the first dedicated auto detailing company in North America to be approved by Tesla Motors to become a Destination Charging location

Becoming a Tesla Motors Approved Destination Charging Location requires intensive screening as many Tesla owners will be coming onto the property to recharge the vehicles. Our Award Winning detailing workmanship, professionalism, client satisfaction and experience have demonstrated and met the requirements of Tesla Motors

The 2 Tesla HPWC (High Powered Wall Chargers) provided by Tesla Motors will have an anticipated charging specification of 208V at 80 Amps per charger. This specification will provide a minimum charging power of 16,640 watts to the vehicle. 

Direct Listing: https://www.teslamotors.com/en_CA/findus/location/charger/dc13696

Images Received from Tesla Owners