If you are checking out Inception Auto and know of Lorenzo's work then you have done some research and now you are looking for some testimonials from his clients. As a fan and customer of Lorenzo's craftsmanship, I assure you this is the best you are ever going to get in this city. I got my car detailed with the 22PLE paint protection and I was stunned by the results. Yes the price is high but you get what you pay for...and more. And what is more you ask? ...Your expectations are exceeded, you appreciate the art that goes through in detailing a car, the professionalism and top notch quality service delivered and last of all, the pleasure to enjoy the company of Lorenzo himself (my favorite part). I will be making a detailed review of the paint coating later this year after some heavy tests but for now...this is one of the best investments i have ever made. See it yourself to believe it. 

Tom M.

We want to express our appreciation for the high quality detailing work that you have done on our two vehicles. The attention to completeness and thoroughness is a testament to your commitment to do absolutely outstanding, exceptional work. 

Both of our vehicles are luxury vehicles. When we picked up each vehicle from your shop, it made the original Auto Dealership detailing of the new vehicles look somehow “insufficient” when contrasted with your work.

Once again, this note is intended to express our appreciation. Thank you for your undivided attention to detail in both your personalized customer service and the physical Auto Detailing work. 

If you were to choose to use this note as a testimonial for Inception Automotive Detailing, I would be pleased.

Ron A.

"One of the best car detailing services in Oakville."

Canada Circle Org.

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Lorenzo's work, when I decided to look for good car care professionals in the area. Have gotten a lot of details done on my vehicles and I could rate Lorenzo's work in the top few."

Umair K.

"Lorenzo is a highly talented detailer but the one thing that I noticed that is extremely rare these days is his vicious attention to detail. Everything had to be perfect and if it needed to be redone, he would spend the time redoing it."

Saad A., R4VEN, www.gencoupe.com

Had Lorenzo over to do some work on the car today. He is a genius when it comes to detailing, so happy with the work.


Vishnu R.

I had Lorenzo come by a couple weeks ago and do a job on my interior plus exterior wash and wax. 

The car had just come from a drive across Canada to Nova Scotia and back. The exterior had splattered bugs all over the grill, and the interior had sand and crumbs all over it from many visits to the beach, and basically from living out of the car at times.. He said it was among the worse jobs he's done lately, but I expected it, it's a family vehicle not a sports car so it got a bit neglected

Overall I was very happy with the job he did. The interior especially, it turned out really really well. Even got hardened salt stains out from near the gas pedals. Carpets and seats were adequately steamed, cleaned, and shampooed where needed. 

Outside was was washed and waxed, tires were nicely done. The only thing he wasn't able to fix was a small section of my trunk where my nephew spilled soda pop. He said he couldn't remove the stain without a buffing tool of some sort, so I plan to look into ways to address or fix this soon. But I didn't pay for anything more than a wash and wax so it's certainly not his fault

Overall I would certainly recommend him, he does good work and at the convenience of it being at your own home. Lorenzo is knowledgable and has lots of tips and recommends products he likes, and is a nice guy to deal with. Scheduling another appointment with him for my parents vehicle in the near future


Ryan P.

Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507831842652005.1073741850.401718446596679&type=3


My Porsche Cayenne detailed by Inception Detailing Service (Lorenzo). They've done an exceptional job on the car and getting the inside and outside cleaned. Lorenzo really took his time for this Cayenne to return to its original glory. Well done! I highly recommended it to anyone else who would like to have their car detailed.

Here is a link if you'd like to know more information:

Jason L.

Lorenzo is a top notch detailer. I was so impressed with his work -his skilled and attention to detail is second to none - that I hired him to work on 2 other vehicles. He made my collector car and old motorcyle literally look new, amazing! When I learned more about him and his company, which he started while still in school, I was even more impressed. His communication skills, professionalism are far beyond his years. Lorenzo is driven and there is no doubt he'll continue to shine in what ever he does next.

Kevin S.

When I first met Lorenzo at a networking event I was impressed by his professionalism, focus and drive to succeed. These are qualities I respect in anyone, but especially someone starting out his career. I immediately hired Lorenzo to work on our car. When he came to our house he arrived on time, was courteous and did excellent work. I highly recommend Lorenzo to make your car sparkle like new!

Linda K.

Lorenzo, owner of Inception Automotive Detailing, is a top notch business man. He has worked on two of my cars and the results were outstanding. 

Inception Automotive Detailing is an extraordinary company with exceptional service and attention to detail. Lorenzo took the time to check the car prior to detailing and explained in a very logical manner all the steps he would be performing. Throughout every major step of the detailing process I got an update or a picture text message from Lorenzo informing me of his progress.The end result - AMAZING! I had to put on my sunglasses on to see my dazzling white car in the sun. I never expected such a shine as it was 1000% brighter than when I drove it off the dealer lot. 

I would highly recommend Lorenzo and Inception Automotive Detailing for your next detailing job. Looking forward to my next car detailing job!

Barry P.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lorenzo through a friend and have seen his work in person on 3 separate cars including 2 of my own. Lorenzo is meticulous and takes great pride in his work. He understands the pride that car enthusiast hold for their vehicles and makes it a point to give nothing less than his best. Lorenzo consistently went above and beyond my expectations and puts more effort into his work than most owners would themselves given the time and expertise. He is his own worst critic; his expectations of himself and his work far exceed any expectations of the final result that his clients are hoping for. 


That being said, Lorenzo is not simply another business owner or another automotive detailer, he is an educator. I received a wealth of knowledge and instruction from Lorenzo so that I would be able to maintain the vehicle on my own. He took his time explaining every process, every product, and answered any questions I had. He even happily provided me with demos and samples of other products and services offered. 


I have no doubt that anyone who decides to use his services will be more than satisfied with his work and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to detail their vehicles.

Felix C.

So let me start off by saying I own a 1997 C5 and I love everything about the car and it was in great condition, but as with any car that starts getting old, it was starting to show some of it's age.

I decided to treat the car to a professional detail service that was recommended to me by a friend who had his 2005 BMW M3 detailed as well and WOW I did not realize how bad the car was getting with the paint fading and lots of swirl marks. I'm really glad I decided to do this as the car is in much better shape and looks almost like new!

I used a mobile detailing service that comes to you! So you get to watch the whole process from the comfort of your home and you learn a lot about detailing and the little things about regular maintenance on the car from the detailer, Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a great guy who takes pride in his work. He definitely goes above and beyond his duties to make sure your baby is taken care of!

For all of you that may be curious or interested, Lorenzo is the owner of Inception Automotive Detailing so feel free to check out his website (www.inceptionautodetailing.com/‎) or contact him to get a quote on your car!

I went with a 2 day package that took a total of 19 hours and had my brother photograph the entire process...to see the entire album click the link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...8954139&type=1

If you've made it all the way to the end...congratulations! and thank you. Just one last note. The pictures do not do any justice for the quality of work that Lorenzo does!

Felix C., "Pyro", Canadian Corvette Forums

I took my car to Inception Automotive Detailing to get some detailing work done.

I am very pleased with the work Lorenzo did and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get some detailing done. He definitely has an eye for this stuff as he picked up a bunch of stuff I couldn't even see! More than that, he takes the time to do it right (spent the better part of the entire day there). 

I have never seen my car shine like that before! The pics don't do it justice!

Eric S., "Icerian", Gencoupe.com Forums

Hey guys, So when I picked up my car in June i got home and noticed there was a dull mark on my hood the size of a golf ball. Looks like it could of been bird poop that stained into the paint. Anyways, i brought my car back to the dealer and complained and asked them to fix it. About a week later they say the mark is completly gone and it looks perfect. I go to pick it up and there are buffer and swirl marks all over the hood of my car that you can only see at certain angles in the light. SO i complain and tell them I just bought a new car and I should have a car that looks new, not all with bad swirl marks. They say they will fix it, i go to pick it up a couple days later and it looks fine i couldn't see anything really, but the next day when the sun was shinning there it was again. My fault for trying to get the dealer hacks to try to fix it, but ive decided to get my car fixed properly after seeing previous pics of what Lorenzo has done to other cars. Here are some pics. Im very pleased with the result, and all the buffer and swirl marks are completely gone. Thanks Lorenzo, I recommend him to anyone who wants this service done.

Matthew, "Mambo", Gencoupe.com Forums

So after a month of conflicting schedules we finally got around to getting my BB (received in march 2011) gen detailed. Only did clay, polish and wax; I must say the results speak for themselves. Everyone in my house is astonished at the level of detailed put into this short amount of time! My mom even wants her toyo echo detailed when we get back from vacation and my grandfather is even considering getting his baby (RR) done as well! Pictures dont even justify the workmanship and care put into this. I'm more than willing to meet anyone that would like to see this in person (just pm me). Here are the pictures (in order from start to finish). I would definitely recommend his work to anyone and i know i'll be calling him in the future! Monday im getting the car 3m'd on the hood and front bumper so this is the last time she'll look sexy as hell.

Aadam D., "Aadam_D", Gencoupe.com Forums

A big shoutout to LJ_GenCoupe (Lorenzo) for doing an awesome interior detailing on my car. I must say I am really impressed by his workmanship and punctuality. He came 15 minutes before my appointment and brought all cleaning supplies/tools with him (didn't need anything from me whatsoever). I always heard great things about it but this was the first time I ever saw his car in person good job man! Workmanship aside, he is an extremely honest and friendly guy - it was a pleasure dealing with him. He also showed me some of his other detailing jobs and I was honestly very impressed with his knowledge and skills! I am sure other GenCoupe members here know exactly what I am talking about!

My biggest goal of interior detailing was to remove all salt debris that had accumulated last winter. I kid you not - the car looks brand new again from the inside lol...it was still filthy from the outside

Tapan P., "tapan", Gencoupe.com Forums

Lorenzo is a highly talented detailer but the one thing that I noticed that is extremely rare these days is his vicious attention to detail. Everything had to be perfect and if it needed to be redone, he would spend the time redoing it.

THAT is how I know that his detailing would be a step north of top notch. His attention to detail and his strive for perfection in any and every job are qualities some of GTA's best detailers should have. 

It is with zero hesitation that I recommend Lorenzo for your detailing. I know for a fact that when I need mine detailed, I will come only to him. 

Saad A., "R4VEN", Gencoupe.com Forums

I'll fully join the bandwagon in saying this guy does superb work, he loves doing it and is very proud. I think he even amazes himself at times as he is working on how things turn out. Very professional and really easy to talk to. He went through all what he was going to do and use before he started and made the mistake of making me try buffing as well lol.


I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" and Lorenzo's prices are VERY fair for the hard work and attention to detail he puts into each car.


Thank you for making this tour happen, car looks amazing!

Jason G., "SketchedOut", Gencoupe.com Forums