At Inception Auto Detailing, cars are treated like a work of art. More than just objects, they are products of cutting-edge engineering and design—the result of a car company’s passion to deliver excitement to an exacting market.

That’s what we seek to deliver ourselves. At the end of the day, we are car connoisseurs ourselves. We want to coax out a car’s true luster and soul, to maximize its beauty and present it in the way that its designers envisioned it. We’re not in the business of merely cleaning cars. We’re in the business of grooming these works of art into perfection. It’s this passion that fuels us to select only the most uncompromising products in the market and to continually sharpen the unrivaled workmanship we apply to your car.

It is exactly this type of passion that you simply cannot buy off the shelves. You’re not paying for someone to merely wipe your car; you’re paying for someone who genuinely loves your prized possession as much as you do.  

Now, we’d like to illustrate these points further. Below we have a comprehensive rundown of Inception Auto Detailing’s vaunted processes. 

Enhancing The Exterior


Step 1: Assessing the Situation

It all starts with this question: What is the condition of the vehicle? The body of the car is thoroughly and comprehensively inspected for damages, the current quality of the paint, paint swirls, and cosmetic elements that require attention. If needed, we utilize a specialized paint microscope to get an even clearer picture of the work the car will demand. These conditions are reported to the owner on a real-time basis as these will form the basis for the estimate of costs and turnaround time. 

We provide the client with a clear professional opinion as to where the car stands, and what should be performed in order to meet their expectations.


Step 2: Giving the Car a Bath

After a detailing package has been agreed upon, we give the vehicle a thorough bath. It’s not just any bath though. We’ve carefully considered the best tools and products to be used in this step. We use safe, non-acidic wheel cleaners to remove the dirt, grime and brake dust off the wheels without using harmful ingredients. To get into every nook and cranny, we use specific brushes to pick away at the most stubborn, hidden dirt. Speaking of stubborn stains, we utilize a pre-rinse with a degreaser that specifically targets those hard-to-remove marks. The vehicle then goes through a foam bath with a pH neutral soap that has been quality checked to make sure that it is safe on the paint. These steps allow the dirt to be ‘lifted off’ the paint and also lubricates the surface for scratch-free cleaning with a proper dirt removing wash mitt.

Like our assessment process, we pay extra attention to the gaps that can be easily overlooked by less experienced detailers.  


Step 3: A Deeper Level of Clean With Our Decontamination Process

Washing takes away the visible dirt, but there are still elements that need to be dispersed that aren’t always readily seen. Depending on the package selected, your car will go through a decontamination process where we remove embedded contaminants such as rail dust and brake dust. They’re not easy to see but can be felt. These are elements you can’t just wipe away. To completely remove these, we use either a clay bar or a specialized mitt with a rubber surface that picks them up.

This step is extremely vital especially prior to a paint correction. 


Step 4: Correcting The Paint



Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections on the paint surface such as swirls, surface scratches, oxidation, bird dropping etching, water spots, holograms and marring caused by inexperienced detailers.  

Done by an expert hand, paint correction restores the vehicle's condition to a "better than brand new" status. It’s the stage that detailers pride themselves in the most, and is the stage in which the detailer truly showcases their skill. 


Paint Correction 50/50 Shot - Left Side After Correction, Right Side Before Correction

Step 5: Future-Proofing

After paint correction, we want to preserve that “better than brand new” sheen. Here’s where post-paint correction protection comes in. The client has three choices: carnauba wax, synthetic sealant, and paint coating.

Traditionally, the carnauba wax and synthetic sealant combination has been the go-to protection method. Paint coatings are a newer form, and offer a distinct advantage: They are semi-permanent, which means that you buy your vehicle the privilege of not polishing or waxing your car for a number of years.  

There have been coatings that advertise themselves as “permanent” and “lifetime.” Don’t believe these. Currently, there is no such coating that can last forever. 


Giving the Interior A Makeover


Step 1: A Close Inspection

The inside counts just as much as the outside. Once we’re done with the exterior, we turn our focus on the interior. With same level of attention to detail, we assess the car’s inside—the seats, the dash, the ceiling, the floor—and thoroughly inspect the condition and existing damages inside. The assessment is reported to the owner on a real time basis, and will be used to provide an estimate of the costs involved as well as the turnaround time.   

We provide the client with a clear professional opinion as to where the car stands, and what should be performed in order to meet their expectations.


Step 2: Vacuuming the Dirt

No matter how clean you are with your car, dirt and debris will still accumulate through time. Left unchecked, your car will not be an appealing place to stay in. That’s where we come in. Like dust-busters, we get in every nook and cranny to suck in all that build-up to give your car back the dust-free condition it had back when you bought it. In order to make sure that we don’t miss a spot, we make use of numerous special attachments that reach the tightest crevices and hard-to-reach spots. 

Step 3: A Comprehensive Clean Up

After the dust and debris have been cleaned up from the car’s system we move on to a thorough cleaning of the interior parts. Car interiors aren’t made of just one material. They’re composed of various elements—leather, plastic, vinyl, glass, etc. We have the expertise to clean all these types of surfaces using not only the most effective cleaners but also the safest to your car and to your health. You spend majority of your time INSIDE the car, so one can say that it’s doubly important to keep the interior free from contaminants. 

Step 4: Steam Bath

Cosmetically cleaning the interior isn’t enough. We want to go more than skin-deep when treating the inside. So, depending on the detailing package selected, we give the inside a steam bath that deeply cleanses surfaces and rids the inside environs of any lingering bacteria that may cause illness. It’s a deeper level of clean similar in concept to the decontamination process that your car’s exterior receives.  

Step 5: Choice of Protection

We assess the inside just as thoroughly as the outside. Just the same, we want to give the interior the same level of protection that the exterior receives. Depending on the detailing package selected, the client has three options as to the level of shine they want: Natural, Matte and Glossy. 

Step 6: Application Of Hide Food

Last but not the least, we offer a service that lengthens the lifespan of the leather elements in your car. Depending on the detailing package and vehicle specifications, various leather conditioners are used depending on the type of leather surface. Different leather type surfaces require different attention and materials used but all of these have one goal: to prevent the aging and deterioration of leather. With the use of these moisturizing and protective conditioners, the leather stays stunning for a much longer time.

The Engine Bay Process

We'll even teach you how to do it yourself! How awesome is that?

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